Cyclone batters east India coastline

Powerful winds felled trees, destroyed homes and forced thousands to flee to safety as Cyclone Gaja barrelled into India's eastern coast Friday.


Greenpeace Poland files legal complaint against minister over pesticide use

Environmental activist group Greenpeace lodged a legal complaint against Poland's agriculture minister Thursday, accusing him of wrongly allowing the use of neonicotinoid pesticides restricted by the EU over fears that they imperil bee populations.

California authorities take DNA samples to identify fire victims

California authorities were taking DNA samples from relatives on Thursday to help identify victims of the western US state's deadly wildfires and seeking to track down some 300 missing persons.


A crater bigger than Paris -- the first of its kind ever found under any of the Earth's ice sheets -- has been found on Greenland and is among the 25 largest known craters on Earth

Crater bigger than Paris is discovered under Greenland ice

A massive iron meteorite smashed into Greenland as recently as 12,000 years ago, leaving a crater bigger than Paris that was recently discovered beneath the ice with sophisticated radar, researchers said Wednesday.

The man who battled the flames to save his corner of Paradise

By all accounts, retired carpenter Brad Weldon should have evacuated his home in Paradise as the flames approached.


A helicopter makes a water drop in the Feather River Canyon east of Paradise, California

Sniffer dogs join grim search for victims of deadly California fires

Body recovery teams with sniffer dogs carried out a grim search for fire victims on Tuesday as thousands of weary firefighters waged a pitched battle against the deadliest infernos in California's history.

Germany hopes to kickstart EU battery-making in 2019

German economy minister Peter Altmaier said Tuesday Berlin would provide one billion euros ($1.3 billion) of funding for electric car battery production by 2021, as talks with companies reach an advanced stage.


A power line catches fire as the Woolsey fire burns on both sides of Pacific Coast Highway (Highway 1) in Malibu, California, as night falls on November 9, 2018

Deadliest wildfires in the United States since the 1990s

Wildfires raging in California are among the deadliest recorded in the United States, with at least 31 people killed in the state as 250,000 flee their homes.

China postpones lifting rhino, tiger parts ban

China appeared to backtrack on a controversial decision to lift a ban on trading tiger bones and rhinoceros horns, saying it has been postponed, state media reported Monday.


The largest fires were in Butte County, a scenic area in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains north of Sacramento, and in the Los Angeles area, where two deaths were reported

Investigators in grim search for dead as California fires rage

Search teams scoured the carnage of California's most destructive ever wildfire Sunday, with the state-wide death toll climbing to 25 as high winds and tinder-dry conditions hampered the effort to save lives.

Ten ways climate change can make wildfires worse

Deadly wildfires such as those raging in northern and southern California have become more common across the state and elsewhere in the world in recent years. AFP talked to scientists about the ways in which climate change can make them worse.


Paradise lost: California fires rage on

Firefighters in California on Saturday battled raging blazes at both ends of the state that have left at least nine people dead and thousands of homes destroyed -- but there was little hope of containing the flames anytime soon.

Nine die in California wildfires, hundreds of thousands forced to flee

Nine people were killed and hundreds of thousands ordered to evacuate as wildfires raged Saturday across California, with one rapidly spreading blaze threatening the resort of Malibu, home to Hollywood stars.


Fast-moving fire scorches northern California

A rapidly spreading, late-season wildfire in northern California has burned 20,000 acres of land and prompted authorities to issue evacuation orders for thousands of people.


Spying on bees reveals pesticides impair social behavior

A new study that allowed humans to spy on bumblebees inside their nests showed that pesticides can impair social behavior, making it hard for bees to eat and rear their young, researchers said Thursday.


Recovery of endangered whales hampered by humans long after hunting

When an endangered female North Atlantic right whale spends months, even years, disentangling itself from cast-off fishing nets, there's not much energy left over for mating and nursing calves.


Scientists push back against Harvard 'alien spacecraft' theory

A scientific paper led by two researchers at Harvard University made a splash this week by claiming that a cigar-shaped rock zooming through our solar system may have been sent by aliens.

Taiwan fishermen protest over crackdown on troubled industry

Fishermen and their families took to the streets in Taiwan Tuesday against what they said was an unfair crackdown on the industry which has been accused of illegal practices and human rights abuses.


Mining bitcoin uses more energy than Denmark: study

Extracting a dollar's worth of cryptocurrency such as bitcoin from the deep Web consumes three times more energy than digging up a dollar's worth of gold, researchers said Monday.

Wind farm 'predator' effect hits ecosystems: study

Wind farms act as a top "predator" in some ecosystems, harming birds at the top of the food chain and triggering a knock-on effect overlooked by green energy advocates, scientists said Monday.

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Russian lawmakers say  registration of US media groups is retaliation for a similar demand by Washington for the state-controlled Russia Today television

Russia to make US media register as «foreign agents»

Russian lawmakers raced Friday to draft measures requiring US media outlets to register as foreign agents, saying they could be adopted as early as next week.

Senator John McCain, the 2008 Republican presidential nominee, immediately declared the allegations 'disqualifying' for Moore

Republicans run from Senate hopeful accused of sexual contact with minor

Several Republicans on Thursday urged their party's candidate for a vacant US Senate seat to quit the race if an explosive report that he had a sexual encounter with a 14-year-old girl is true.

Pandas have a notoriously low reproductive rate and are under pressure from factors such as habitat loss

Melania Trump meets China's furry diplomats: pandas

US First Lady Melania Trump spent some time with a couple of China's most prominent diplomats on her last day in Beijing on Friday: the pandas Meng'er and Gu Gu.

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