Earthmover tyres, the pattern matters

Earthmovers tyres allow these big industrial vehicles designed to operate in challenging conditions, moving smoothly anytime. Tyre pattern and features are essential in order to ensure maximum control and stability for high productivity while keeping safety at the highest level


Earthmovers tyres are considered a vital equipment for big industrial vehicles operating in extreme conditions, under heavy-duty applications. Latest technologies definitely improved tyres quality and resistance, but it is experience and knowledge to really make the difference. That’s why a reference on the tyre market should be an international company; the more widespread the experience, the higher the knowledge. A big international company gathers know-how from different areas of the world, creating a database of information not available to a local business. In this case, it is possible to offer a wide range of earthmovers tyres, able to fit any kind of need, meeting even the most demanding requirements. Climate conditions and terrains are not a problem anymore when using the proper set of tyres.

Earthmovers tyres design and features
Earthmoving operations requires stability and precision, but these two key factors cannot be achieved without an essential component of such a big and heavy vehicles: tyres. Earthmovers tyres needs, therefore, to be designed considering as many kind of surfaces as possible; also climate has to be taken in account, as earthmovers are used worldwide, from torrid to freezing places.
In addition to this, earthmovers tyres must have feature that ensure high resistance to damages and rupture; working in extreme conditions requires the best and strongest equipment available, in order to reduce repairs and guarantee maximum productivity and utmost safety to workers.

Quality and material are very important, but it is also the tyre pattern that makes the difference. Tyres can be designed in so many ways, each of which is characterized by unique features. For example, flat and wide pattern is ideal for heavy-duty applications and gives excellent traction, a strong bias casing offers high protection from damages, low vibrations pattern ins meant for loader applications, ensuring excellent traction on all grounds, and so on.
The international company Ecomega offers a wide range of solutions for Earthmovers tyres. Just find the most suitable for you.