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OPEC on tightrope as output target talks prompt clash

OPEC energy ministers scrambled to hammer out a compromise on oil output policy Friday as they debated a Saudi proposal to ramp up production that has encountered fierce resistance from sanctions-hit Iran.

France eases rules on wine stocks to mitigate weather risks

French vineyards will be allowed under new rules to hold back more of their production each year to protect them in case harvests are damaged by extreme weather including storms and drought.

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Japan inflation stuck at 0.7% in May, way below target

Japanese inflation was stagnant in May, government data indicated Friday, and still far below target as the Bank of Japan shows little sign of winning its long battle against deflation.

Greece creditors agree debt relief in bailout exit deal

Eurozone ministers agreed debt relief and a big cash payout for Greece early Friday, part of a broad exit deal that will close eight years of austerity and bailouts for Athens.

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Xiaomi lowers target as it kicks off IPO

Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi kicked off its initial public offering Thursday but the firm is likely to pull in about $6.1 billion, far less than originally expected, with investors having mixed views about its main business

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Former judges, and two rabbis are among those seeking revocation of the liquor license for President Donald Trump's Washington hotel, saying he lacks "good character"

Critics want to revoke Trump Hotel's liquor license

Religious leaders and former judges filed a complaint Wednesday asking Washington authorities to revoke the Trump International Hotel's liquor license, questioning owner President Donald Trump's character and honesty.

Daimler cuts profit forecast, blaming US-China tariffs

German luxury carmaker Daimler on Wednesday cut its profit forecast for 2018, blaming new tariffs on cars exported from the United States to China, amid lingering fears of a trade war between the world's biggest economies.

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Telstra employs 32,000 people across 20 countries, according to its most recent annual report

Australian telecom giant Telstra to axe 8,000 jobs

Australia's dominant telecommunications company Telstra Wednesday announced plans to axe 8,000 jobs -- a quarter of its workforce -- as part of a drastic new strategy to cope with an increasingly competitive industry.

General Electric dropped from Dow Jones stock index

Slumping US industrial giant General Electric will be booted from the prestigious Dow Jones stock index, S&P Dow Jones Indices announced Tuesday.

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US Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross is said to have held assets linked to Russia and China that are coming under scrutiny

US Commerce Secretary held Russia, China-linked assets: report

US Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross held assets for much of last year that created conflicts of interest and has since transferred ownership to a family trust instead of divesting outright, Forbes reported Monday.

Trumps wants to dominate space, Moon and Mars

President Donald Trump boasted Monday of the US commercial space industry's deep wallet and enterprising spirit, and vowed US dominance in exploration of the Moon and Mars, as well as any future space race.

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Five things to know about VW's «dieselgate» scandal

Volkswagen's emissions cheating scandal, for which Audi chief executive Rupert Stadler was arrested on Monday, has had repercussions for the car industry around the world.

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France air traffic responsible for third of Europe delays: report

Hindered by strikes and outdated equipment, French air traffic control is responsible for a third of aviation delays in Europe, Le Parisien said Monday, citing a senate finance committee report.

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Japan to bring in more foreign labour as workforce shrinks

Japan announced Friday plans to ease immigration restrictions and bring in more foreign workers to tackle a serious labour shortage caused by the country's ageing, shrinking population.

Casino designed by Zaha Hadid opens in Macau

A flamboyant new casino designed by Zaha Hadid opened its doors in Macau on Friday, featuring futuristic curves and skeletal steel structures characteristic of the acclaimed late architect.

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Italy threatens not to ratify EU-Canada trade deal

Italy's anti-establishment government on Thursday threatened not to ratify an EU-Canada trade deal, claiming it does not protect the country's farmers and specialty produce.

EU sets higher target for renewable energy by 2030

The EU agreed Thursday to raise its consumption target from wind, solar and other renewable energy sources, aiming for 32 percent by 2030 rather than the previous 27 percent.

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Apple steps up encrytion to thwart police cracking of iPhones

Apple said Wednesday it was strengthening encryption on its iPhones to thwart police efforts to unlock handsets without legitimate authorization.

US court confirms danger posed by 'sound cannons'

A New York appeals court on Wednesday upheld a lower court's ruling that two police officers' use of a "sound cannon" was an unconstitutional abuse of force.

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Argentina union group plans strike against Macri, IMF

Argentina's top union federation warned Tuesday that it would strike against President Mauricio Macri and his adjustment deal with the International Monetary Fund.

Social media fanning Chicago gang violence: study

Social media interactions are playing a "significant" role in fanning violence in Chicago, the American city with the highest murder rate, a study found Tuesday.

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Xiaomi shipped 28 million smartphones worldwide from January to March, an 88-percent surge year-on-year

Xiaomi lowers target as it kicks off IPO

Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi kicked off its initial public offering Thursday but the firm is likely to pull in about $6.1 billion, far less than originally expected, with investors having mixed views about its main business

Despite yoga's global success, proponents concede there is little consensus on what might constitute specifically therapeutic stretches and poses

Fans of yoga therapy have yet to win over doctors

Yoga practitioners often tout the unique health benefits of the ancient discipline -- from relieving stress and pain to improving vascular health -- but most doctors remain sceptical in the absence of hard proof

These handout images obtained June 20, 2018 courtesy of Li et al.2018 show fossils discovered in Northeast China that  indicate Tyrannosaurus rex couldn't stick out their tongues like lizards. Pictures by letters are: (A) Alligator prenasalis, pteros

T. rex could not stick out its tongue: study

The Tyrannosaurus rex is crowned the "lizard king" of the dinosaurs, a historically fierce meat-eater often depicted lashing out its tongue. But researchers said Wednesday this would have been anatomically impossible