9 December 2016
Updated 17:30
US politics

President-elect Donald Trump is expected to pick Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt, a climate change sceptic, to head the Environmental Protection Agency

Environmentalists mobilize for battle with Trump

Environmentalists are gearing up to battle President-elect Donald Trump, who promised on the campaign trail to roll back laws and regulations that protect the environment and fight global warming.

Syrian crisis

Syria army pounds Aleppo rebels as Russia vows no let-up

Syrian government artillery pummelled fast-shrinking rebel territory in Aleppo on Friday as key regime backer Russia vowed no end to the bombardment while opposition fighters remain in the battleground city.

Strikes to continue while «bandits» remain in Aleppo: Lavrov

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Friday that Syria's Aleppo will continue to be bombed by the Moscow-backed regime as long as rebels remain in the devastated city.


Apple invests in China wind farms

Apple has struck a partnership with the world's largest wind turbine maker, the American company said, marking the tech giant's largest clean energy project to date.


Coca-Cola chief Muhtar Kent to step down

Coca-Cola announced Friday that chief executive Muhtar Kent will step down next year as the beverage giant confronts a tougher demand environment for soda.


US President-elect Donald Trump meets with retired Marine Corps general John Kelly, his pick to head the Department of Homeland Security, on November 20, 2016

Trump stacks top government posts with retired generals

He's not yet finished picking, but President-elect Donald Trump already has named three retired generals to top posts, raising questions as to why there will be so much military brass in cabinet-level jobs.

Steven Mnuchin, from Wall St. to Hollywood to Washington

Steven Mnuchin is hardly a household name, but the new pick for US Treasury secretary has close ties to Wall Street that could prove a double-edged sword in the current populist era.

International relations

Still seeking top diplomat, Trump taunts China

Donald Trump widened his search for Washington's next top diplomat as he pursued his own unorthodox brand of foreign policy with a Twitter broadside aimed at China.

China protests to US after Trump speaks to Taiwan leader

China protested to Washington Saturday after US President-elect Donald Trump broke with decades of foreign policy and spoke with the president of Taiwan.

US Economy

Trump threats may not stop US offshoring of jobs

President-elect Donald Trump's threats to retaliate against US companies planning to shift operations overseas constitute a new risk for multinationals, but may not sway those already planning to offshore jobs.

US unemployment lowest in 9 years as job creation continues

The US unemployment rate in November fell to its lowest level since August 2007 as the economy continued to add new jobs, all but guaranteeing an interest rate hike this month.

US-Cuba Relations

With Castro gone, US presence in Cuba grows

Fidel Castro spent his life combating US capitalism, but by the time he died, American cruise ships, regular flights and even the embassy had returned to the communist-ruled island.

Trump threatens to «terminate» US-Cuba thaw

President-elect Donald Trump on Monday threatened to end the US thaw with Cuba unless Havana makes key concessions, potentially upending the historic rapprochement engineered by the White House, which insists the opening serves American interests.

Nuclear Iran

CIA chief warns Trump against ripping up Iran deal

CIA director John Brennan warned Wednesday that tearing up the Iran nuclear deal, as US President-elect Donald Trump promised during his election campaign, would be «disastrous».

West prepares to end sanctions as Iran deal adopted

The United States and Europe began preparing to lift the trade sanctions that have hobbled the Iranian economy on Sunday, as a historic nuclear deal came into effect.

«Weaponized» social media

Hillary, pizza and a phony sex scandal: the power of «fake news»

The internet rumor had the makings of a bizarrely sordid scandal involving a top political aide to Hillary Clinton, allegations of pedophilia and a restaurant in an upscale part of Washington.

Trump claims «serious» fraud, says millions voted illegally

President-elect Donald Trump made unsubstantiated claims of serious US voter fraud and said «millions of people» had cast their ballots illegally, offering no evidence for the assertions he put forth on Twitter.

Saudi Arabia

Let women drive, urges Saudi prince

An outspoken billionaire Saudi prince wants an «urgent» end to his country's ban on women driving, saying overturning the law was a matter of women's rights and economic necessity.

Iraq crisis

Growing fears of IS use of weaponised drones

The Mosul battle in Iraq has seen the Islamic State group increasingly resort to weaponised drones, which Western governments fear could lead to a new type of attack at home.

Iraq militias train sights on key IS-held town near Mosul

Iraqi militia fighters peered from a front line position at Tal Afar, a town still held by jihadists, as sniper bullets rang overhead and mortar rounds crashed nearby.

Fidel Castro's death

Trump says Castro was «brutal dictator» who oppressed his people

President-elect Donald Trump on Saturday called Cuban revolutionary leader Fidel Castro a «brutal dictator,» but made no overt mention of earlier threats to roll back a historic rapprochement with the communist island nation.

White House extends «hand of friendship» to Cuban people after Castro death

President Barack Obama on Saturday said the United States is extending «a hand of friendship to the Cuban people» following the death of revolutionary leader Fidel Castro.


Chapecoense, the video of the last party before the tragedy

Brazil has decreed three days of national mourning for the death of 75 people, mostly members of the football team Chapecoense, in the plane crash near Medellin, leading the team to Colombia to play the final of the Copa Sudamericana against Atletico Nacional.

Chernobyl, a new sarcophagus for the nuclear power plant

29/11/2016 21:18:35

The homage of Cuba to Fidel Castro

28/11/2016 15:25:57

Turkey car bombing in Adana. The chaos after the explosion

24/11/2016 09:39:17

Colombia takes off the «Biofashion»: the clothes are of leaves and flowers

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Life & Style

Riz Ahmed on the set of Star Wars

Riz Ahmed on the set of Star Wars

Riz Ahmed lives the dream with own «Star Wars» figure

Riz Ahmed has just celebrated his 34th birthday, but with his slender physique, cut-glass cheekbones and neat, jet-black hair, the «Rogue One» star could just about pass for a teenager.

Bittersweet gala honors Pacino, Eagles, Taylor

Al Pacino, The Eagles, James Taylor, gospel and blues singer...

On new album, John Legend considers love and darkness

John Legend has become known as a modern master of the balla...


Running back Latavius Murray of the Oakland Raiders carries the ball during the game against the Kansas City Chiefs at Arrowhead Stadium

Running back Latavius Murray of the Oakland Raiders carries the ball during the game against the Kansas City Chiefs at Arrowhead Stadium

Chiefs topple red-hot Raiders to seize control of AFC West

The Kansas City Chiefs won the battle for supremacy in the AFC West with a 21-13 victory over the first-place Oakland Raiders.

Bulls send Spurs to first road loss of season

The San Antonio Spurs suffered their first road loss of the ...

Tiger «not quite there» but still eyes major record

Tiger Woods sees daily progress in his return from a 16-mont...


US astronaut and senator John Glenn has died at the age of 95

US astronaut and senator John Glenn has died at the age of 95

All «Original Seven» American astronauts now dead

John Glenn's passing on Thursday means that the first seven American astronauts chosen to lead the fledging US space program in 1959 are now dead, ending a groundbreaking chapter in American history.

Apple reveals autonomous vehicle ambitions

Apple has revealed it is investing heavily in autonomous veh...

Big data helped Trump even after he scorned it

Donald Trump derided the use of data and technology tools fo...


A cobra is displayed at the Irula snake-catchers cooperative on the outskirts of Chennai

A cobra is displayed at the Irula snake-catchers cooperative on the outskirts of Chennai

The snake-catching tribe saving lives in India

A small scythe, a crowbar and a bundle of canvas bags are all that Kali and Vedan carry when they venture into the fields of southern India to catch some of the world's deadliest snakes.

California hospitals take obesity fight to supermarkets

Enter a US supermarket and the dilemma is all-too common: Wi...

HIV treatment soars, but young African women suffer: UN

The number of HIV-infected people taking anti-retroviral med...